Keynotes Lectures and Plenary Sessions

The Keynote Lectures and Plenary Sessions take place on all three days of the conference and mark the beginning and end of each day, respectively. The Keynote features one speaker and one moderator, while the Plenary Session features four panelists (one is the keynote speaker) and one moderator. The indicative structure of the session for each part is as follows:

  • Introduction of the keynote speaker (Moderator);
  • 20 minutes – Lecture (Keynote Speaker);
  • 10 minutes – Q&A from the audience;
  • 5 minutes – Introduction of the panelists (Moderator);
  • 5 minutes – Initial statement (Panelist #1);
  • 5 minutes – Initial statement (Panelist #2);
  • 5 minutes – Initial statement (Panelist #3);
  • 15 minutes – Discussion among the panelists;
  • 10 minutes – Q&A from the audience;
  • Final remarks of the session (Moderator).

In principle, the whole session lasts 1 hour and 15 minutes.

KEYNOTE SPEAKERS: The keynote speaker is requested to send the presentation slides, if any, to at least one day before the lecture, in order to ensure that all necessary arrangements are done in advance. The moderator of the keynote should also receive the presentation beforehand. The keynote is also encouraged to take part in any meeting organized by the moderator of the session to ensure that the topics of discussion are aligned and within the time limit of the session.

MODERATOR: The moderator is in charge of both the keynote and the plenary. The moderator should arrange a meeting in advance with the keynote speaker and the panelists to ensure that the topics of discussion are aligned and within the time limit of the session, and should also prepare a set of questions or statements to engage the panelists and the audience in a discussion. During the session itself, the moderator is in charge of keeping the time to ensure that the session does not run past the time set. The moderator is free to determine the format of the panel discussion to best utilize the expertise present among invitees, to engage the audience and participants, and to lead the discussion towards a clear conclusion. While the keynote lecturer may prepare some slides, it is not recommended for the panelists to do so.

PANELISTS: Panelists are encouraged to actively participate in the preparatory meeting organized by the moderator. The panelists must also prepare an introductory statement, which should be shared with the moderator before the session (panelists are advised not to prepare any slide presentation). They should also be ready to answer questions from the audience, the moderator, or other panelists, and engage in discussion. Finally, the summary of the session prepared by the moderator should be checked by the panelists to ensure the outcomes of the session are correct.