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Opening Keynote Lecture

Wednesday, 3 April 2019 | 09:30 - 10:15 | Storey Hall Auditorium (016.05.001)


Putting People at the Centre: Organising Government Around the Needs of People and Businesses

As people go through different events in their lives, like having a baby, starting a business or looking for work, they need to navigate a complex network of government services. Even when individual services work well, people often need to deal with multiple agencies and levels of government to reach the outcome they need. By putting people at the centre, governments can create end-to-end experiences based on what people need. This shifts the focus from how government is organised to what people and businesses need to do.

A life event approach helps us to understand and prioritise around the needs of people and businesses. This approach is relevant to everyone in government, from policy and front-line delivery through to enabling functions. The result we are aiming for is investment in improvements that make the most difference in people’s lives and to deliver real value both quickly and incrementally. In this session, you will hear about the DTA’s life event approach using real stories of people’s experience with government. You’ll also hear about opportunities to collaborate and work differently to improve the lives of people and businesses across Australia.

Keynote Speaker

Conference Chair Representative & Keynote Speaker

Randall Brugeaud

Digital Transformation Agency


Randall Brugeaud was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Digital Transformation Agency on 1 July 2018.

Before his appointment, Randall spent almost 30 years working in a range of public and private sector roles, with a focus on transformation.

His public sector experience has spanned large, medium and small organisations and his private sector experience includes more than a decade working with the Boston Consulting Group and a private IT consulting firm, which he founded and operated.

Most recently Randall was Deputy Australian Statistician and Chief Operating Officer at the Australian Bureau of Statistics and before that, Chief Information Officer at the former Department of Immigration and Border Protection.

Randall holds a Master of Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma in Applied Computing and a Bachelor of Education degree. He is also a Senior Executive Fellow of the Harvard Kennedy School.